Backpacking in Scotland

ScotlandOne of the best ways to see nature is to travel via backpack. Some backpackers prefer walking while others wish to bike. The way you travel is less important than when you travel and where you plan to go.

First, pick a route that strikes your fancy. There are a number of well travelled backpacking routes in Scotland that are perfect for both walking and biking. A beginner should take a guided backpacking tour rather than trying to go it alone. These tours vary by length, with the shortest usually being a three day tour and the longest lasting a week or longer. Guests must be able to travel by foot for prolonged lengths of time. Most backpacking tours include hostel accommodations. Many include continental breakfasts and free wifi.

The time of year is also important when choosing to backpack in Scotland. The area is known to be cloudy and rainy throughout the year. However, if you avoid winter, you will likely have a pleasant backpacking experience, though you will still likely encounter rain. It is wise to carry a light jacket as well as some insect cream to warm away the tiny bugs.

Crime is unusual in Scotland, and thus it is safe for most travellers to backpack on their own. Likewise, public transit is inexpensive and prolific, which makes it easy to get from one place to the next in a short amount of time.