Europe’s Best Resorts

beachresortNot all travellers enjoy moving about from one location to the next. Many prefer a relaxing resort holiday. These resorts allow you to enjoy a break from everyday life while being catered to in a peaceful atmosphere. However, it takes some time to pick the best resort for your needs.

Beach Resorts
The traveller who wishes to relax on the beach only needs two key considerations: The time of year and the quality of the beach itself. Look for resorts in Greece, particularly Santorini or Crete. Lake Como is also an excellent choice for a beach getaway.

Golf Resorts
A golf vacation is entirely dependent upon the type of game one wishes to play. Some golfers are more interested in difficult courses while others are more focused on the bar at the club. Scotland cannot be beat for any number of courses, though popular golf resorts can also be found in the Provence region of France.

Ski Resorts
Skiing requires powdery white snow and a cozy lodge to warm frozen toes. The Swiss and French Alps have some of the best offerings, but don’t overlook the slopes in Austria and Italy.

Family Resorts
Family resorts require a bit more consideration than the others on this list. You must make certain that are adequate amenities for all members of the family, including childcare for youngsters when the parents wish to have an evening to themselves. The most popular family resort in Europe is located in France: Disneyland Paris.