Sightsee and Save: How to Spend Less While Touring Continental Europe

A holiday in Europe does not need to significantly affect a traveller’s budget. Practically anyone can enjoy European tours with the right amount of time and care. Proper preparation can make any European tour nearly as cost-effective as a holiday in one’s own backyard.

lisbonLocation makes a huge difference between a luxury holiday and a budget-friendly trek. Eastern Europe is filled with picturesque locales at a fraction of the cost of its Western counterparts. Travel to Prague, Istanbul, or Krakow. A trip to Greece is currently one of the best ways to spend a small amount while enjoying history, culture, and nightlife. If Western Europe is the desired location, consider skipping the Parisian holiday in favour of a trip to Lisbon.

Regardless of the choice of city, any tour of Continental Europe is made far less expensive by making wise lodging choices. Staying in a hostel is the least expensive option. Though popular with students and backpackers, hostels offer accommodations for anyone hoping to save money while they travel. Most European cities now have hostels that offer amenities like breakfast, lockers for storage, and free wireless internet capabilities. Furthermore, many are very clean and safe.

Entertainment is also an area that does not have to break a budget. While one could spend a virtual fortune on concert tickets, many museums and cathedrals have free orchestral performances during certain days of the week. Likewise, monuments and galleries all over the globe offer free admission days, either once each month or once each week. Public gardens are also free to tour.