Special Tours in Europe

The Trulli of AlberobelloSometimes it is those areas off the beaten path that are most interesting to Continental Europe visitors. Should you fall into this category, you will not be disappointed by the special tours available to you.

The Chapel of Bones
Lovers of the macabre may find themselves drawn to the Capela dos Ossos in Evora, Portugal. The chapel, decorated with skulls and bones, is in the interior of the Church of St. Francis. While in Evora, also tour the Aqueduct of Silver Water, the Palace of Vasco de Gama, and Giraldo Square.

Sewer Tours
If you have ever wanted to explore the sewers of Europe, you are in luck. Paris Sewer Tours are available through the Musee des Egouts de Paris.

Interesting Architecture
Some of the best displays of unique architecture are located in the most unexpected place. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Trulli of Alberobello are dome shaped buildings in southern Italy. More strange buildings abound in Europe, such as the Atomium in Brussels or the Dancing Building in Prague.